Best Herbs for Natural Breast Enlargement


When it comes to natural breast enlargement there are certain herbs out there that can actually increase the size of your breast. It is the phyto-estrogens (plant-based estrogen) that these herbs contain that give them the ability to promote natural breast growth. These phtyoestrogens stimulate the natural estrogenic activity inside the body, and if you are one of the many women out there that want to know how to increase breast size then you need to increase the amount of estrogen flowing through your body.

Estrogen is the female hormone that is activated during the female’s puberty years, which is why most women begin growing breasts and other woman characteristics when they hit puberty. By taking these phyto-estrogen rich herbs they will mimic the estrogen that your body naturally produces. Below you will find some of the best herbs to take in order to make your boobs bigger.


One of the best herbs to naturally increase your breast size is fenugreek. This herb contains a lot of phytoestrogens that will stimulate the estrogen activity in your body. Not only will fenugreek help produce more estrogens in your body, but also they will stimulate another female hormone known as prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that produces milk while women are breastfeeding. The production of estrogen and prolactin is what makes fenugreek so effective when it comes to breast development.


Another herb known to help increase breast size is fennel. Fennel also increases the activity of female hormones like prolactin and estrogen. With the increase in milk production your breasts will swell and this swelling will eventually lead to permanent gains. The great thing about fennel is the fact that this herb can be added to lotions and massaged into the breasts. Another way to take fennel is to make a herbal tea with it. Look for herbal tea packets at your local health food store and brew the tea for a few minutes. The longer you allow the tea to steep the more rich it will be with phytoestrogens. Allow the tea to cool down a little and then drink it. Drinking fennel tea 2 to 3 times daily will help increase the esrtogen and prolactin activity in your body.

Red Clover

One other great herb for natural breast development is red clover. Red clover contains a powerful phytoestrogen known as genistein. This phytoestrogen is very potent and will promote breast growth by binding to the estradiol receptors in your breasts. This herb contains a few other phytoestrogens that are responsible for breast growth.

Saw Palmetto

Finally, if you really want to make your boobs bigger you should definitely give saw palmetto a try. This herb is one of the most potent herbs when it comes to phytoestrogens. Unlike fennel and fenugreek this herb helps reduce the amount of male hormones in the body. Male hormones like testosterone can impede the amount of estrogen flowing through your body, which will stop your breasts from growing the way they are supposed to. By reducing the amount of testosterone in your body the amount of estrogen will increase and help your breasts grow. You just have to be careful when taking this herb because it is so potent. Only take the recommended dosage of this herb and always consult your doctor if you want to increase the dose.

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