Reasons For Venus Factor Negative Reviews


The Venus Factor is a popular weight loss program designed by nutrition and fitness expert John Barban. It has been around for some time and is quite controversial in the attention it attracts. Many people are confused about weight loss and may be wondering if this program is another hyped up ripoff. The fact is, many women have successfully lost weight and fat using this program. Why, then, if you search for terms such as “Venus Factor scam” do you find critical articles or reviews? What is the reason for Venus Factor negative reviews if the program is legitimate? There are a few reasons for this. Let’s begin by briefly explaining what the Venus Factor is.

An Introduction to the Venus Factor

What separates the Venus Factor from many other products, diets and systems is that it provides a comprehensive system for fat loss. Rather than having people rely entirely on either dieting or exercise, this program provides both. John Barban, the program’s creator, has designed the Venus Factor to address a very specific problem related to fat loss. After studying the topic thoroughly, he identified the issue of leptin resistance as a key factor that makes it hard for many women to lose weight. This has to do with the body’s metabolic rate and its ability to effectively burn fat. So Barban put together a program that would allow women to overcome this problem.

Over 200 Venus Factor Users

The Venus Factor is not just the simple leptin diet book. It utilizes software that allows you to come up with a customized program based on your specific needs. This ensures that you consume the right foods and right number of calories based on your current circumstances. Losing fat and improving your health requires far more than simply cutting calories. As Dr. Mark Hyman of The Ultra Welnness Center says, “Reducing belly fat and building muscle is quite simple. And it is not just about the calories you consume. It is about where those calories come from.”

Reasons For Venus Factor Negative Reviews

What is the reason for Venus Factor negative reviews? Some of these issues you will find with just about any diet or fitness program. There is a widespread belief that a paid diet program makes it easy to lose weight. Many people become frustrated quickly after not losing several pounds in the first few days. (Which is not realistic!) In fact, closer look will reveal that 95% of people don’t actually fail at their diets. It’s more the case of people choosing the wrong diets.

Top 4 Reasons People Fail on the Venus Factor

  1. Unrealistic expectations for speed of weight loss
  2. Program is geared towards WOMEN only
  3. Customers not fully engaging with the online tools and community
  4. Customers cheating on the diet and/or exercise recommendations

The Venus Factor is an innovative program that helps you avoid the pitfalls of most other diets and approaches. Furthermore, the program comes with complete support and a full money back guarantee. Despite, this, you can still find Venus Factor scam accusations. There are always people who order a program but don’t follow through on the instructions. This can be one reason someone might write a negative review. There is also the fact that unscrupulous competitors will sometimes write bad reviews in order to get people to buy their products. In conclusion, you should not let a few negative reviews scare you away from the Venus Factor. It’s best to at least look at the information objectively and make up your own mind.

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