Fitness 101: Fasted Vs Fed State Of The Body


One of the most popular nutritional trends of today is to take time away from eating and thereby enter into a fasted state. This type of nutritional state can be traced almost back to Ancient Greece and even earlier and nowadays almost a massive amount of celebrities & executives have already adopted the method and thereby love the result that it produces. 

Such type of fasting was resurrected after the discovery of the 5:2 diet where people would eat for five days as they normally would and then abruptly reduce the calories for the next two days. This type of process was combined with good types of food choices and exercising of the body – thereby boosting the overall immunity of the body, improving weight loss, brain functioning and finally getting the body back into regular balance. 

What Do You Mean By Fasting?

The simplest way to describe fasting would be to abstain from the intake of any liquids or food (besides, water, coffee, tea) for some amount of time. You can follow any fasting protocols you like – be it 18 hours of fasting and thereby six hours of eating. 

In the 5:2 diet plan, fasting is continued for almost 24 hours. However, you can come up with your protocols or methods when it comes to fasting and eating – with the help of a personal trainer in Newcastle services. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Fasting?

Even though conventional wisdom might tell you that fasting is unsustainable and thereby will lead to a massive failure – intermittent fasting indeed has the potential to help in weight loss and thereby create a healthier body. 

When your body will enter in a fasted state, the following things will start to occur:

  • Your body’s insulin levels will drop, which will thereby help in the fat-burning mechanism. Due to the decreasing levels of insulin, your body will be able to release more energy. In contrast, when your body is in a fed state, the insulin levels will be high.
  • Your body will remove waste materials as it will start its important cellular repair methodology.
  • Your brain function will improve, will reduce stress and inflammation of the body and thereby growth of new nerve cells will happen. Moreover, DNA repairing will take place.

What Do You Mean By Fed State?

The body’s fed state begins after four hours from the time you’ve eaten your food. During this time, the body will start absorbing its nutrients and thereby meet it’s energy needs as well. Furthermore, the body will experience increased insulin and glucose levels as well.

In the fed state, the body will be able to continuously top-up its energy and keep itself working as it should. All the excess nutrients will be stored as fat in the fed state while in the fasted state body will be using the stored fat.

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