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Topamax is a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy. It also helps prevent migraine headaches. Side effects can range from mild to severe. Hair loss and eye problems are examples.

Adults and children can use Topamax for:

  • Treat epilepsy with generalized tonic-clonic seizures, partial onset seizures, or seizures caused by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
  • Help prevent migraine headaches.

Topiramate is the active ingredient in Topamax. The active ingredient in a drug is topiramate. The drug is available in two forms: tablets to swallow and sprinkle capsules. Sprinkle capsules may be opened and sprinkled on food or eaten whole.

Please continue reading to learn about Topamax’s common, mild, and severe side effects and how to manage them. For more information about the drug and its uses, please see.

What are some of the most common side effects associated with Topamax?

Some of the most common side effects people reported when taking Topamax during research are here. The side effects of Topamax can vary based on the condition it is used to treat.

Topamax is commonly used to treat migraine.

  • tingling legs and arms
  • Loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • altered taste
  • Memory problems

Topamax is commonly used to treat epilepsy.

  • Tingling in the arms and legs
  • Loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • dizziness
  • Sleepiness

Learn about the mild and severe side effects that Topamax can cause.

What are the mild side effects of Topamax?

Topamax may cause mild side effects.

Topamax has been associated with mild side effects such as:

  • hair loss*
  • stomach problems*
  • altered taste
  • Loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • Sleep problems, including insomnia or sleepiness
  • Fe
  • tingling on your legs and arms
  • Speech problems, such as difficulty finding the right words
  • Numbness
  • slow mental or physical activity can cause problems, such as speaking slower than usual
  • an upper respiratory infection such as the common cold

These side effects are usually temporary. Some side effects may also be manageable. If you are experiencing symptoms that persist or bother you, you should speak to your pharmacist or doctor. Only stop taking Topamax with your doctor’s approval.

Topamax can cause mild side effects that are not listed here. For more information, see the Topamax prescribing instructions.

Note After the Food and Drug Administration approves a medication, they track side effects. You can notify the FDA of a Topamax side effect by visiting MedWatch.

What are the severe side effects of Topamax?

Topamax can cause severe but rare side effects.

Topamax has been associated with severe side effects, including:

  • Eye side effects such as sudden changes in vision*
  • Severe rash and other serious skin reactions*
  • Mood changes
  • allergy reaction*+
  • Changes in mood or memory that are severe and negative
  • Kidney Stones
  • Acidity levels high In the blood, it can cause:
    • heart palpitations
    • fast breathing
    • stupor
  • Brain swelling
  • Elevated body temperature can be caused by decreased sweating.

Call your doctor immediately if you experience severe side effects from taking Topamax. If you feel you are in a medical crisis or the side effects appear to be life-threatening, call 911 immediately.

Side Effects on Children

Topamax can treat some types of seizures and prevent migraines in children aged 12 and older.

The side effects of Topamax on children should be similar to those experienced by adults. The following side effects are more likely to occur in children.

  • Reduced sweating can lead to high temperature, which may require hospital treatment.
  • Cough
  • fever
  • Ear infections
  • the common cold is an example of an upper respiratory infection.

Topamax can also cause a reduction in bone mineral density (BMD). This measurement is used to describe bone strength. A lower BMD may indicate that your bones are weaker.

Topamax can also impact the weight and height of children who take it. The drug can specifically cause children to grow less. When a child is prescribed Topamax by their doctor, the doctor will monitor their growth.

Speak to your doctor about the side effects that Topamax may cause.

Can Topamax have long-term or permanent side effects on the body?

Most side effects of Topamax are only temporary. Most side effects disappear quickly after starting or stopping the drug.

Topamax can cause serious side effects, including long-term issues and permanent damage. Topamax can cause eye side effects*, such as glaucoma. Untreated glaucoma can cause blindness.

Speak to your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions regarding possible side effects that Topamax may cause over time.

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