What Are 3 Vital Keys To Successful Aging


1.  Mobility and Flexibility Training

getting the proper amount of movement to keep your joints mobile and pain free, and your muscles from getting stiff.  Specific movements and stretches are in order.

2.  Fitness, Fat Loss and Strength

staying fit, keeping your weight under control, and proper strength training.  Resistance training (strength) is necessary to keep your metabolism elevated, build strong bones, and protect your joints.  It’s also the best way to burn fat!  You don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill or doing aerobics classes to lose fat.

3.  Pain Management and Injury Prevention

whether you currently have problems or want to prevent them from coming back, proper movement, strengthening and soft tissue therapy is needed.

Whole body vibration platforms, such as the Powerplate, can help manage pain, improve balance and increase bone mass while releasing endorphins. This can also increase the levels of positive hormones in your body, while decreasing negative hormones, such as cortisol. Whether its home fat loss workouts, flat abs, movement training, or helping manage and prevent injuries, you can find it here.  If justd regaining your mobility should be a priority. My philosophy on movement can be summed up in the words of the 14th Century physician Tissot, “movement as such may take the place of many remedies, but all the remedies together can never take the place of the effect of movement.” Our bodies were designed for movement and many of our physical problems are movement related – not enough of some movements and too much of others (overuse injuries).

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