Distant Reiki Healing


Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), teaches us that our bodies are not the only thing we have. Reiki surrounds us with energy and enables us to be more than our physical bodies. Reiki energy connects with our spiritual and energetic levels. Because energy is not restricted by distance, distant Reiki sessions can work. Distance is not a limitation. Therefore, sessions can be conducted without clients physically being present. All of us are connected because we are all energy matter, and part of a larger total.

There are many ways to do a distant healing session. A proxy, visualization, or projection of Reiki can be used by the practitioner to send Reiki energy to another person. The Reiki practitioner and client are joined by the distant Reiki symbol in a sacred healing space.

You don’t need to do anything to receive remote Reiki healing, but it is best to be still and lie down if you can. The healer and the recipient can agree on a time and the receiver needs to be able to either sit down or lie down for the prescribed time. This is usually about half an hour. Distance healing is almost identical to hands-on healing. A healer of Reiki in Huntington Beach can send healing energy anywhere in the world to anyone who is at least level II or higher. Remote sessions can transmit the same energy as if it were delivered by a person in person. Distance healings are great for people who live far from a practitioner or who can’t travel to the office to receive the energy. If you don’t like the idea of someone touching your skin, a distant healer can offer the same benefits without having to touch you. To receive a Reiki healing session, you don’t have to be ill. Sessions can open up energy channels, reducing the chance of illness caused by blocked Chakras. Sessions are affordable, and you can keep your privacy. Remote healing can be ordered for loved ones. It is important that your loved ones are informed about remote Reiki treatments. However, if they don’t know, the practitioner can still send Reiki to them with their intention.

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